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Official Establishment of Zhongguancun (Pan-Asia) Digestive Endoscopy Technology Strategic Alliance & Seminar for Problems and Challenges of Early Diagnosis and Early Treatment of Gastric Carcinoma


On May 29, 2015, Zhongguancun (Pan-Asia) Digestive Endoscopy Technology Strategic Alliance was officially established on the shore of Dushu Lake in Suzhou! The summit was hosted by the Chinese Medical Association Digestive Endoscopy Society and co-organized by BIOHIT Healthcare (Hefei) Co., Ltd., a Sino-Finnish joint venture. Domestic and foreign leaders, experts, scholars and business representatives attended the meeting, with a total number of about 600 participants.

Picture 1: Ceremony for the Establishment of the Alliance

Picture 2: Group Photo of Academician Shujun Cheng and the Company’s Chairman

At the meeting, the China Center for Clinical Research of Digestive Diseases (Shanghai) initiated the “Multi-center Applied Research on the Screening of Early Gastric Carcinoma in China”. This project is a major national science and technology support plan and operates in an “Internet +” mode. From the perspective of global and Chinese medical development, Shujun Cheng, Qimin Zhan and Dongxin Lin respectively delivered keynote speeches on cancer prevention and treatment. Later, Chairman Zhaoshen Li and Chairman Guiqi Wang made a comprehensive deployment of the prevention and treatment of early gastric carcinoma, which opened a new path for significantly improving the early diagnosis and early treatment of gastric carcinoma in China.

Picture 3: Group Photo of Academician Dongxin Lin, Chairman Yuliang Bai and the Company’s Chairman

Picture 4: Group Photo of Chairman Zhaoshen Li, Chairman Guiqi Wang and the Company’s Chairman

At the summit, the most authoritative experts in the digestive circles at home and abroad were gathered. The panel highly praised the “New ABC Scheme of Serology and the Model of Internet+”. The meeting was successfully held.