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Early Gastric Carcinoma Screening Program - Northern Shaanxi Collaboration Center Was Launched


At 9 a.m. on November 20, Serology Combined with Endoscopic Screening for Early Gastric Carcinoma, a National Science and Technology Support Project, was launched here. The event was hosted by China Gastroenterology Clinical Research Center (Shanghai) and co-sponsored by Yan’an University Affiliated Hospital.

Hanlin Wang, Deputy Director of Yan’an Health and Family Planning Bureau, Jianqing Wang from Yan’an University Affiliated Hospital, Guangdong Lin from Yan’an People’s Hospital, and Yichao Feng from the Gastroenterology Department of Yan’an University Affiliated Hospital attended the launching ceremony.

According to the Dean Jianqing Wang of Yan’an University Affiliated Hospital, the implementation of the Early Gastric Carcinoma Screening Program marks the goal of Yan’an University Affiliated Hospital not only for the treatment and saving of people, but also for the early screening, early diagnosis and early treatment of major chronic major diseases, and for the life quality improvement of the general public. It always upholds the ancient training of “healing the disease”. According to the Dean Guanghui Lin of Yan’an People’s Hospital, it was important to strengthen and popularize public health awareness; as a medical unit, we must strive to provide better services. Yan’an University Affiliated Hospital and Yan’an People’s Hospital respectively received awards from China Gastroenterology Clinical Research Center - Early Gastric Carcinoma Screening Research Collaboration Center.

Director Yichao Feng of Yan’an University Affiliated Hospital and Yan’an People’s Hospital Accepted the Awards

According to the professor Zhaoshen Li, Yan’an had a high incidence of gastric carcinoma; based on this reality, the Clinical Research Center decided to launch the project in Northern Shaanxi. According to the statistics in 1992, there were more than 2,600 patients with gastric carcinoma in Yan’an, and more than 95% of the patients were advanced when they were detected.

Professor Zhaoshen Li mentioned the clinical value of GastroPanel®

Professor Dong Lei mentioned the laboratory and auxiliary detection of gastric carcinoma early screening

According to the Director Yichao Feng, the symptoms of gastric carcinoma were not obvious, but people’s living habits were very important. “Eat less pickled things. For example, Yan’an people prefer pickled vegetables, which have higher carcinogens”. As Director Yichao Feng said, “Although the high-risk population of gastric carcinoma is over 40 years old, with the improvement of living standards and food diversity, patients with gastric carcinoma have gradually become younger”. “The presence of cancer has little to do with age, and it mainly depends on eating habits”.