In the 1990s, the Finnish Pentti Sipponen pioneered the G17 test method and advocated a four-in-one combined testing of serum PG, G-17
    Chinese Consensus on Chronic Gastritis
    Expert Consensus on the Early Gastric Cancer Screening in China
    Product Platform
    Imported PGI, PGII and gastrin 17 are the first approved products in China. Among these three, gastrin 17 is a “Global First” product, which has been approved by US FDA.
    Elisa Testing Platform
    Fluorescent immunotomographic detection platform
    Chemical Luminous Detection Platform
    Smart System
    HIT-92A Fluorescence Immunoanalyzer is a new generation of intelligent POCT test product...
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    Customized test
    Clinical Application
    In human body, the bioactive gastrin is all of the amidated gastrin (mature gastrin), which mainly contains two kinds of isomers, G-17 and G-34.