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2020 BIOHIT Annual Conference for Sales and New Year Commendatory Conference


In the afternoon of January 10, 2020, BIOHIT Annual Conference for Sales was kicked off in Libre Resorts Huangshan, which was attended by the whole staff of the sales center of BIOHIT. On the conference, the marketing department gave summarization and took an outlook of the product sales and academic meeting, and also made a plan for the training and promotion work of the following year. The information department gave an upgraded introduction and interpretation of informatization. The commerce department gave a summary of the newly-introduced OA system and the problems existing in the commercial work, and also took an outlook of its work in the following year. Feng Liu, the general manager of BIOHIT, presented a summary of the sales work in 2019, and planned out the sales work in 2020. In the morning of January 11, 2020, department heads of the marketing center reviewed the sales results in 2019, and proposed a plan for the next year. At the end of the conference, the general manager Feng Liu summed up the achievement made by the marketing center in 2019, as well as the problems which needed to be reflected on. He also encouraged the staff to make persistent efforts to push the company to reach new heights.

In the afternoon on January 12, 2020, the annual commendatory conference was held at Grand Soluxe Hotel Huangshan, which was attended by all the staff of BIOHIT. On the conference, Li Wang, the person in charge of the plant, summarized the work done in production and new product registration. The prizes for excellent employees, popular employees and outstanding departments were awarded, and the nomination prize for outstanding department was given. The prize-winning employees and departments were awarded with exquisite certificates, trophies and handsome cash. At the end, the general manager Feng Liu reviewed the fruits achieved by all staff in 2019, and called on the staff to make every effort to develop BIOHIT into the most efficient organization and a benchmark in this industry. At night, the 2020 New Year Commendatory Conference came to a successful conclusion in a joyful atmosphere.