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2019 Agent Training Session Was Rounded Off


To reinforce the learning of gastric function product knowledge and to meet challenges and opportunities in a right way, BIOHIT held six phases of agent training sessions from November 2019 to December 2019, which were attended by 252 trainees.

On the training sessions, the medical decisive level of serum gastric function was popularized, as well as its application and promotion in different departments. Besides, to keep up with trend of informatization and to combine gastric-function-related products with IOT, the concepts and platforms were innovated, thus to bring more choices for customers to respond to new situations. During the training, sales representatives with outstanding performance shared their promotional experience with others, and offered suggestion on promotion to attendees. At the end of each training, a simple assessment would be given on the learning status of trainees.

The training gave a targeted explanation of the promotion and application of serum gastric function, provided more latest information for business staff, and fueled up the project promotion in the days to come.