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BIOHIT Chemiluminescence Detection Platform LUMIART-II-1

MainProduct Features:

Firstto introduce mixing and incubation shaker function in the fully automaticsystem
Stableproduct performance and extremely low failure rate
Firstto add magnetic beads repeated resuspension function in the fully automaticsystem
Firstto use the electrically controlled lift door


Usethe one-step response method to reduce reporting time and the product can beused for batch processing and emergency
Quickand easy automation
Highsensitivity, strong specificity and fast detection speed
Comparedwith imported products, this product has fast detection speed, good correlationand consistency, and the correlation coefficients r are all above 0.98.
【Detection Steps】

norder to ensure the correct detection results, please strictly follow theoperating instructions of the LUMIART-Ⅱ-1 luminometer. The detection reactionprocess and related parameters have been preset in the instrument operatingsoftware:

•Addthe enzyme solution, magnetic microsphere solution and sample to the reactionvessel, and incubate at 37°C for 10 minutes.

• Move the reaction vessel to the washingstation for magnetic separation and washing for 3 times, and drain off thesupernatant.

•Movethe reaction vessel to the measurement chamber and add substrates A and B todetermine the luminescence value.

Theluminous value of each sample is substituted into the calibration curve, inorder to calculate the G-17, PGⅠ and PGⅡ concentrations of each sample.